High Ability Students

High Ability Students

Holyrood Academy staff support all students according to their ability to ensure they achieve the best they can. Below are some of the ways in which we support the most able students to achieve at the highest level.

Classroom challenges
We focus in the widening of students' knowledge in their daily subject lessons. Keeping all students fully occupied in lessons is, of course standard practice. We will push all students to think harder and longer. Those with high ability will be rigorously stretched and may be given more leading roles in classroom activities. Each department will be aware of the students of the highest ability. All students will be able to get themselves noticed by hard work and high achievement.

Enrichment activities
These are designed to further develop a key skill or nurture cross-curricular thinking. Students invited will be those that are showing the right appetite and ambition in the classroom and those who would benefit the most.

Challenge Plus Project
Exceptional students are invited to take part in the Academy Challenge Plus project. They will take part in a number of different types of activities in order to stretch and enrich their learning. They will also have the opportunity to meet with students from other schools/academies from across the South West.

High Ability Programme
The table below provides an overview of the activities which different departments run each year. Please take a look and let your teachers know if there is anything within the programme that you would like to participate in.

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