The House System at Holyrood

The House System at Holyrood

At Holyrood Academy we want students to work hard, be kind and join in. The purpose of our house system is to encourage students to join in, feel that they belong and to have a voice. We know that belonging creates confidence and pride in individuals, and that having a voice builds self-esteem and a sense of usefulness. Holyrood Academy operates a house system with students organised into four houses.

The Houses
Our houses have been selected to represent the people of Chard and the surrounding area:

Denslow | Stringfellow | Bondfield | Gillingham

Throughout the year students are rewarded for hard work with house points, postcards and with subject colour badges. These badges are worn on blazers, with pride. In addition houses compete in a series of events to win points for their house.
Students can also gain house points for taking part in extra-curricular activities and competitions, for representing the school and for participating in many enrichment activities.

Leadership Opportunities
Holyrood Academy offers strong leadership opportunities in our Prefect system. As part of this system, students actively engage in strategic planning for school change.

Each year the Sports Prefects initiate additional house competitions and sport matches.

The Prefects for Diversity and Equality regularly audit the school environment to see how diverse and welcoming it is. They too have initiated a day off timetable for PHSE days focusing on diversity and Equality.

The Community and Volunteering Prefects volunteer and performing in local care homes as soon as Covid restrictions make this possible. Many of our students are being trained as wellbeing champions to work as mentors for students in KS3.

The Environmental Prefects focus on assessing the Academy site for its effectivelness in being an envirnmentally-effective place.

House Charities
The houses work hard to raise funds for charities that are selected by each house on an annual basis. The selected charities for 2021-22 are:
Denslow – The Beacon Centre for Cancer treatment at Musgrove Hospital, Taunton.
Stringfellow – Children Today - providing equipment for disabled children to assist with day to day access.
Bondfield – St Margaret’s Hospice – giving dignity to those with life limiting illnesses.
Gillingham – Chard and Crewkerne Stroke rehabilitation centre – supporting stroke victims to recover

Apart from termly non uniform days, students in year 7 also take part in fundraising expedition, we run bake sales, sports day fetes and spectator events to raise money for our chosen charities. Students take an active part in running these activities and funds raised are shared between house charities.

We encourage every student to be active members of their house and take every opportunity to gain points for their house. Every point is vital to help be the winning team and lift the house cup on sports day at the end of the summer term!

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