Personal Development Programme (PDP)

Personal Development Programme (PDP)

Personal Development Programme (PDP)
All secondary schools in England are required to teach young people about Relationship and Sex Education (RSE). This has been mandatory from September 2020. Our Personal Development curriculum, previously known as PSHE, has been designed and developed to meet these statutory requirements. The new guidance also includes a change to parents’ right to withdraw young people from RSE. Further information on this can be found in Holyrood Academy’s PSHE and RSE Policies. The Government has also issued guidance for parents and the link for this is below:

At Holyrood Academy, we have developed our Personal Development curriculum to support our young people to thrive in a time of rapid change and be fully prepared for life beyond the classroom and in their future lives. We aim to not simply teach students about crucial issues but believe it is vital they should have the opportunity to explore their attitudes, values and beliefs about these and to develop the skills, language and strategies necessary to manage life’s changes and challenges.

It is our belief that high quality Relationships and Sex Education will stay with our pupils for life. Good RSE is about providing students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, healthy and informed relationship choices as young people and in the future as adults. Empowering our young people to understand their bodies and reflect on their values and self-respect will give them the best chances of forming fulfilling, healthy, nurturing relationships.

The PDP Curriculum is organised into three core strands:
 Health and Wellbeing
 Relationships
 Living in the Wider World

At Holyrood Academy, our PDP Curriculum will
 Develop prior learning
 Be age appropriate and differentiated to meet the needs of ALL pupils
 Present information in an objective, balanced, sensitive and fully inclusive manner
 Encourage the development of social skills and strategies, which will reduce the risk of exploitation and misunderstanding.


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