The Uniform and PE kit have been designed with cost in mind, ensuring that where possible Academy logos have been kept to a minimum allowing you to purchase items from many local retailers, including supermarkets.

  • Holyrood Academy blazer with embroidered logo*.
  • Plain black tailored trousers / plain black tailored skirt of appropriate length - Trousers must not be leggings, legging-style, skinny-fit or any style of jeans.
  • Holyrood Academy jumper with embroidered logo* (optional).
  • Holyrood Academy tie*.
  • Plain white collared formal shirt - cotton blouse or shirt, any sleeve length.
  • Plain black, flat, leather/leather type, closed toe shoes - trainers or fabric shoes are not permitted outside of sporting activities.
  • All socks and tights must be black. Tights must be opaque.
  • Outdoor coats may be worn over blazers. Hooded sweatshirts must not be worn. PE sweatshirts may be worn as part of PE kit only.


Maroon Holyrood Polo Shirt * Maroon Holyrood Polo Shirt *
Maroon and blue Holyrood rugby/hockey top*  Maroon and blue Holyrood rugby/hockey top*
Plain Black Shorts (a small branding logo is acceptable) Plain Black Shorts or Skort (a small branding logo is acceptable)
Maroon Socks * Maroon Socks *
Trainers Trainers
Football Boots  

Optional/recommended items of PE Kit for both boys and girls

  • Holyrood Academy hoody* (for use in PE only)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black base layer (top and bottoms)
  • Shin pads and gum shield (essential for matches)

*  Items available from Barrons of Chard, Holyrood Street

Jewellery - It is not appropriate to wear jewellery to Holyrood Academy, as in many activities jewellery is a health hazard. Students may however, wear a single small stud or sleeper in the lobe of each ear.
Students may also wear a simple discreet finger ring and a wrist watch. Other rings, bracelets, necklaces or similar jewellery are not to be worn.

Make-up - any make-up worn must be discreet and nail varnish is not allowed.

Facial piercings - nose, eyebrow, tongue, lip or face studs, rings or bars are not permitted.

Tattoos (real or fake) - are not appropriate in the Academy and are not allowed.

Hair colour must be natural, one colour; extreme hair cuts are not acceptable.

Any member of staff can ask a student to abide by the Academy Dress Code.

Where a student does not follow the Academy Dress Code, the Academy reserves the right to withdraw the student from normal classes and in some circumstances a student may be sent home.

In all cases the Headteacher’s decision is final.

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