Holyrood Academy Restart Room

Holyrood Academy Restart Room

We have decided to replace the Academy's Ready to Learn procedures with a new way of working. We are absolutely clear that all students have the right to learn in a disruption free environment but that all students also deserve the chance to reflect and rectify their behaviour. As such, if a student's behaviour does not meet expectations in lessons, they will still receive a warning and if they do not moderate their behaviour, they will be instructed to leave the lesson to allow the teacher to teach and others to learn. They will spend the rest of that lesson in the Restart Room, reflecting upon their behaviour and completing quiet work, before attending their next lesson ready to engage and behave well. Our rules are very simple and clear:

1. All students should respond to reasonable requests made by adults, first time.
2. All students should ensure that learning is disruption-free.
3. All students should treat people and property with respect.

Restart Room Aims
● To promote disruption-free learning, so that there is a culture of achievement, ambition and learning everywhere in the school, and no learning time is wasted.
● To support students in making sure they are ready for their next lesson, returning students to lessons as soon as possible.
● To encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions.
● To enable teachers to deliver engaging and creative lessons without concern for behavioural interruptions as barriers.

Procedures for the Restart
● Students will arrive and complete a reflection form.
● Students will remain in the Restart room for the remainder of the lesson and will then return to their next lesson.
● Students will be given appropriate work to complete, from a bank of resources, whilst they are in the Restart room
● Where there is a double lesson, senior call will be made to re-track the student back into class after discussion with the teacher.
● Restart staff will contact parents via SIMS in touch.

Procedure for Staff sending students to the Restart Room
● When a student is sent to the Restart room a member of staff must complete a Restart slip for the student to take to the Restart room.
● Staff must email the Holyrood Restart room with a full explanation of why a student has been sent.
● Staff must call home within 24 hours to discuss this situation with the parent and to foster a good working partnership with parents.
● At the next lesson, staff should meet the student at the door and explain to them their expectations and how staff and students will move forward together to create a positive learning environment.

Students who are sent to the Restart room frequently will be identified by HoY and supported to improve their behaviour; interventions will be communicated to classroom teachers. 

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