Year 8 Options

Year 8 Options

Choices for Years 9/10/11 Courses
It is likely that you have already started to think about the courses you are interested in pursuing in Years 9, 10 and 11. During the Spring term, students and parents/carers will be provided with information and appropriate guidance to ensure the best choices are made to meet your needs. You will have presentations in PSHE, Assemblies on subject choices, and there is information on this website to help you make the right choices for you. Students will be receiving assemblies from subjects that are not currently studied in Years 7 and 8, for example Business Studies, and there will be an Options Evening on Thursday 17th January 2019.

Core Subjects
All Holyrood students study the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, as well as core PE and PSHE. In addition, at least one of the following subjects must be studied as part of the core: History, Geography, French, German or Computer Science. These are the subjects the government describes as high value subjects.

The English Baccalaureate
The English Baccalaureate is not a qualification in itself, but rather a collection of GCSE passes at Grade 5 or better in key subjects. This is a key indicator of academic success at Key Stage 4, and may be one of the requirements for entry to some post-16 courses, training and employment, and for some university admissions in the future.

We are therefore strongly recommending that those students who are capable of gaining the English Baccalaureate include these five key subjects in their choices at Key Stage 4. To be awarded the English Baccalaureate a student at Holyrood will need to achieve at least a Grade 5 at GCSE in each of the following:

History or Geography
French or German
Two Science subjects (either Combined or 2 of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science.)

Subject Information Downloads
Below are the Subject Information sheets issued at the Year 8 Options Information Evening. Please click on the corresponding 'download' button to view the detail you require.

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