KS3 Slime Olympics

KS3 Slime Olympics

On Tuesday 12th February, High Achieving students from Years 7 & 8 participated in a 'Slime Olympics' workshop with Dr Faulkes. It was an exciting afternoon combining science knowledge with competitive spirit!

Students learnt that when making slime, you are making a polymer; the exact proportion of ingredients effects the properties of the slime. In teams of three they made various slimes and, based on the properties, each was entered for two of the six 'events' (Stretch, Stick, Bounce etc). The winning team had slime with very different properties and selection was most appropriate.

Dr Faulkes said "Matching a substance's properties to a requirement is a high level skill, especially when dual functions are required and a trade off is needed. This was a really fun way of identifying that skill in use. These students embraced the activity with positivity and enquiring minds."

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